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As a physician, you know the importance and value of having good patient relations and making people feel comfortable. The SmartPhone Secretary’s skilled receptionists understand this and are sensitive to your patient’s needs. Your patients will be reassured that their call is important and will be handled with care.

The SmartPhone Secretary’s team of dedicated, caring receptionists are trained in the medical answering service field and have experience answering for various healthcare services, including general practice doctors, family doctors, dentists, dermatologists, pediatricians, optometrists, podiatrists, chiropractors, and alternative medicine practitioners. We also work with medical groups and centers for surgery and treatment.

We are a phone answering service that is fully HIPAA-compliant and can be trusted with all important medical-related calls in terms of information security, speed, accuracy of message delivery, and message management.

An Extension Of Your Team
The SmartPhone Secretary expects the same level of professionalism from our receptionists as you do from your own. Our team acts as an extension of your office. Your policies are strictly followed.

You provide us with specific instructions on how you want your calls handled. After communicating with your patient and assessing the type of call, any emergency message can be promptly delivered to a physician. Our receptionist can phone the physician to guarantee that the message was received. For appointments and other non-urgent calls, we can deliver the message at a predetermined time or as it was taken.

The SmartPhone Secretary is a genuine live medical answering service specializing in inbound call center services. All receptionists are U.S.-based. We offer live, reliable phone answering 24/7; bilingual receptionists; a customized greeting and message script with accurate and prioritized message taking; patient appointment scheduling; provider scheduling; verbal message delivery; voicemail services; a secure web portal; and so much more.

You Can Rely On Us
The SmartPhone Secretary answering service for doctors and other medical professionals can provide several benefits for your business, including 24-hour availability and prompt emergency dispatching. We are a personalized service tailored to your practice.

Learn why medical professionals throughout the country rely on SmartPhone Secretary.

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