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How often do you get to the office and find that your staff has spent the first hour of the day listening to tenant voicemails, only to realize that the majority of messages could have been managed with an email?

The SmartPhone Secretary's answering service for property management and call center services can help by taking care of all calls with a specific goal in mind. Whether it is telling a tenant where to send a rent check, taking a message for the office, or answering and dispatching an emergency call about a lockout, a water leak, or a security issue, you can be sure that your calls will be handled based on the property's needs.

An Extension of Your Team
The SmartPhone Secretary’s team of knowledgeable and friendly receptionists are trained in real estate answering services. Our receptionists answer for a wide range of real estate businesses, such as apartment rentals, commercial property management, and residential property management.

Using a personalized greeting and script, your callers are asked the right questions. You provide us with specific instructions on how you want your calls handled. After communicating with your caller and assessing the type of call, a message is taken and dispatched to the appropriate person. Your urgent messages will be promptly sent to a designated or on-call staff member with a confirmation code to ensure the message was received. Follow-up phone calls can be made as well. For office and non-urgent calls, you have the option to schedule a message summary to be delivered at a predetermined time, or messages can be sent to you as soon as they are taken. Our web-portal is where you can access all messages, on-call schedules, and staff member details at any time.

The SmartPhone Secretary is a live property management and apartment answering service. All receptionists, secretaries, and agents are based in the United States. We offer live, reliable phone answering 24/7, bilingual agents, a customized greeting and message script, accurate and prioritized message taking, emergency on-call scheduling, preferred contact method dispatching, fast emergency dispatching, a secure web portal, and much more.

You Can Rely On Us
The SmartPhone Secretary’s professional answering services for property management have the personnel, experience, and adaptability to fulfill your business needs. Our teams of receptionists and secretaries are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you need help with overflow calls or an answering service for after hours.

Learn why the SmartPhone Secretary has earned the trust of many in the property management industry.

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